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Withnetworks, 'Withflow 2.0' GS Certification Acquired Grade 1

Integrated ICT and Cyber Security company, WithNetworks (CEO Koh, In-goo, Ahn, Jong-eop) announced on the 7th that 'Withflow v2.0', a heterogeneous firewall policy integrated management solution, has acquired GS Quality Certification Grade 1 from the Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL).

GS certification is a national certification system that proves the quality of domestic software. In accordance with the ISO standard, certification is given to software that has passed nine items, including software functionality, reliability, performance efficiency, usability, and security. GS-certified products are designated as products to be introduced first when building and operating administrative and public institution projects.

'Withflow' automates the heterogeneous security policy management process to prevent security accidents caused by heterogeneous firewall configuration errors and improve the firewall policy management process. In particular, the integrated policy analysis and visualization of the actual corporate security environment from the 3D-based company-wide perspective minimizes security blind spots and improves efficiency by automating security tasks through accurate firewall policy path analysis.

In addition, 'Withflow' provides optimized scalability and interoperability for the hybrid operating environment of on-premise and cloud through linkage with the cloud firewall, ensuring business continuity in the event of digital transformation or infrastructure expansion in the future.

CEO Koh, In-goo said, “We upgraded ‘Withflow’ to respond to changes in the rapidly changing digital environment, and we are happy to have our product power and technology certified through GS certification.” We will enter strategically,” he said.



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