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Heterogeneous firewall policy integrated management solution

withFLOW prevents security incidents caused by heterogeneous firewall configuration errors and human errors and improves the efficiency of complex firewall management tasks by automating firewall policy management.


99% of firewall breaches will be caused by firewall misconfigurations, not firewall flaws


Gartner, 2016 

​Practical Difficulties in Managing Firewall Policies


Manual Operation

Lack of standard management process of firewall policy

Increased workload
due to manual operations

Human errors


​Lack of scalability

Unable to monitor integrated

Different operating process
for each policy

Lack of integrated management of heterogeneous firewall


Work Inefficiency

Increased resources for
security policy management/operation

Lack of firewall policy lifecycle management

Unnecessary policy expiration and unused policy management


Increased Complexity

Difficulty in grasping overall policy status

Inconvenient due to
re-applying policies
every time the IP changes

​Handover problem when policy applicant resigns



Streamline integrated management across heterogeneous systems


Prevent failure due to manual input errors


Innovate business through automation of compliance and security tasks

Improve TCO/ROI


withFLOW transforms your business with seamless security by building an optimal firewall policy automation environment


Policy Integration and Registration

Autofill Security Policies

​Application template provided

Interworking with an external application system

Support API, EAI

Upload document

​Batch upload of ​bulk policy

Automatic Design of Rule Factory

Provide design guide

​expert/non-expert rule factory

Receipt of application & automatic ticket creation

Ticket history management

Policy Configuration

Policy Analysis and Validation

Rule and path analysis

AFP Algorithm (Patented)


Validate data field conformance

​Priority target firewall analysis

Handling Policy Exceptions

Filter compliance exception rules

Unstructured policy objectification

Apply/Exclude target firewall selection

Policy Management

Compliance Violation/Compliance Verification


Focused management of high-priority policies

Policy Enforcement

policy optimization

Optimal route recommendation by route and service

​Policy simulation

Approval, pending, rejection, and history monitoring

Event Log

Policy monitoring

Change history management

​Date, device, user, group, and project

​Automatic verification of normal registration of work policies

Automatically send job completion details

Main Functions

​Automate Lifecycle Management of Policies

by automation through proven AFP algorithms such as topology and workflow 

Establish company-wide integrated security governance

by easy integration with an information security platform with flexible scalability

​Introduction Effect


​Work efficiency TCO ROI

by automating firewall policy management


Reduce policy complexity

by optimizing policies, including removing unnecessary rules


Reduce resources

by real-time compliance and automatic report calculation


Reduce training time

by standardization of the policy management process

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