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KT Flexline

SD-WAN-based Enterprise Internet

KT's enterprise Internet service that enables easy network configuration based on SD-WAN.

Withnetworks, the No. 1 KT Flexline company in the country, you can build KT Flexline customized for your company.

KT Flexline


Enterprise internet service that provides Next-generation SD-WAN terminals, flexible lines with adjustable bandwidth, integrated management, Cloud connection lines, and essential security functions (firewall, IPSec VPN, etc.)​ with no extra cost


Flexible Service

Free bandwidth adjustment using an online platform

Network Optimization

Optimal traffic path selection with next-generation SD-WAN technology

​Required Security Features

Firewall essential for networks configuration and IPsecVPN

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​Integrated Operation Management

​Integrated management of lines and devices by a dedicated operating team

Cloud connection ​Add-on​Service

Provide cloud connection line without extra security line subscription

Improve Productivity

Prioritize and manage mission-critical traffic

KT Flexline Service Configuration

A next-generation device with IPsec VPN, FW, and SD-WAN functions applied
Service Portal
Check service change and status through the online service portal
Cloud connection
Direct connection with various cloud operators and desired capacity
A flexible line that can flexibly change bandwidth capacity
Operation Center
Provide stable service management/control by operating an operation center
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​Build an ultra-customized KT Flexline for businesses

with Withnetworks, the No. 1 KT Flexline company in Korea

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