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WithNetworks, Ruckus MSP Special Partner Qualification Acquisition

Supplying Ruckus to Public Wi-Fi, etc. Recognized for Securing Various Managed Service Customer

On the 22nd, WithNetworks (CEOs Ingoo Koh, Jongeop Ahn) announced that they had acquired Ruckus Networks' managed service provider, MSP Specialized Partner qualification.

To obtain this qualification, you must have skilled technical and sales qualifications, and the ability to build a professional and rich network infrastructure. In addition, it is necessary to secure the ability to provide professional services in the consulting sector and proven managed service customers in various sectors.

In 2015, WithNetworks first introduced Ruckus' flagship product, wireless AP, to Korea, and from the following year, it began proposing Ruckus' solutions to various customers and spurred its business in earnest. Currently, WithNetworks has built a network environment of more than 10,000 units with Ruckus products in public Wi-Fi projects, universities, hotels, and financial sectors.

An official from WithNetworks said, “WithNetworks is pleased to have obtained MSP Specialized Partner qualification that can provide total service from design to distribution and construction of Ruckus’ solutions.” It is expected that Ruckus' domestic business will become more active. We will provide a managed service suitable for this.”



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