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WithNetworks participates in ‘RSA Conference 2019 AP&J’ and aims for the APAC market

Introducing ‘i24Suite’, an EndPoint Solution to Security Managers and Customers

WithNetworks announced on the 23rd that it participated in the global security exhibition ‘RSA Conference 2019 AP&J’ held in Singapore from the 16th to the 18th.

Through this conference, WithNetworks introduced its self-developed endpoint solution 'i24Suite' to security managers and customers in the APCA region, and discovered new business opportunities through business meetings with security providers in Singapore, India, and Australia. .

'i24Suite', which was introduced at the conference, collectively refers to 'i24A', an APT response solution and 'i24R', a ransomware response solution. It is a solution specialized in endpoint protection that can respond immediately.

On the opening day of the conference, WithNetworks presented its own engine, tracking technology, and domestic customer case of 'i24R', a ransomware response solution, drawing a lot of interest and response. “Ransomware is constantly evolving, and the scale of global damage is expected to increase,” said an official from With Networks. do,” he said.

WithNetworks participated in the ‘RSA Conference AP&J’ for the second time after 2018. CEO In-goo Koh said, “We will target the APAC market by establishing business with potential customers we met through this conference.”



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