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WithNetworks, awarded as a 'leading company in the 4th industrial revolution'

WithNetworks (CEO In-goo Koh, Jong-eop Ahn) announced on the 3rd that it was awarded the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy commendation in the '4th Industrial Revolution Leading Company' category at the '45th National Productivity Convention' held at COEX in Samseong-dong on the 2nd.

The National Productivity Award is a government award system awarded to companies that have achieved exemplary productivity innovation through systematic business management and innovation activities through scientific and systematization of management.

WithNetworks was recognized as a leading company in information security and nationwide digital infrastructure establishment, which is the foundation of the 4th industrial revolution era, and was honored with the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award.

WithNetworks developed a security solution in which ideas and technology were concentrated, and contributed to the creation of a safe cyber environment by responding strongly to cyber threats. In addition, it possesses technological prowess at the level of top players in Korea in the field of public Wi-Fi and managed security, and is recording an average sales growth of 55% over the past three years.

As a leader in the managed security market over the past 10 years, the company was selected as a leading company in the 4th Industrial Revolution in recognition of its continuous innovation achievements such as developing security solutions and entering the public Wi-Fi market based on know-how and infrastructure accumulated.

WithNetworks released 'withVTM', an integrated management solution for security vulnerabilities, and 'withFLOW', an integrated management solution for firewall policies, at its R&D center this year, solving various security problems that occur in the complex security infrastructure environment of companies. Next year, it plans to release a solution to protect personal data from information security threats in the hyper-connected era.

In-goo Koh, CEO of WithNetworks, said, “As we expand digital infrastructure for individuals, businesses, and the nation’s smart life, we help each individual customer to efficiently manage data, and provide services and solutions necessary for building a company’s information security infrastructure. will develop and provide.”



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