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[Today's CEO] Ingoo Koh, CEO of WithNetworks "Security, the beginning and end is the endpoint"

“We will become a diverse cyber security platform service company.”

Ingoo Koh, the CEO of WithNetworks, said.

WithNetworks recently succeeded in developing 'i24A', an 'endpoint' security solution. It is a PC installation security solution that is the starting point for security. “We concluded that security begins and ends with the ‘endpoint,’” CEO Koh emphasized.

CEO Koh set the direction to become a manufacturer from the beginning of the company's establishment. He studied constantly. Increased investment and secured technology and research manpower. We set out to develop products that would change the market paradigm. Above all, I decided to develop an endpoint solution. It wasn't easy. Challenges and failures were repeated. After many twists and turns, the i24A was developed last year. It was backed by experience in security control service (MSSP) and system integration (SI).

WithNetworks puts all its energy into publicizing 'i24A', a malicious code blocking solution last year. We have also secured supply cases such as K financial company, H travel agency, and B pharmaceutical company.

i24A blocks malicious code with a new concept called Endpoint Security Platform (E-CDR). Bypassing the sandbox, when a user executes malicious code according to the attacker's intention, the malicious code installed on the endpoint is blocked regardless of network or communication connection. Unlike existing CDR solutions that use content by disassembling and recombining it, the original file is used as it is.

“It automatically recognizes executable files and system files regardless of the content file extension, and has high scalability,” said CEO Koh.

The next version of the i24 series is a ransomware blocking solution. It is being tested in the final stages of development. It will be released in the first half of next year. Unlike existing signature ransomware blocking methods, it utilizes an unreliable process tracking engine to block the right to change ransomware files. This is a method to block the act of holding files hostage in the PC at the source. The goal is to achieve sales of more than 10 billion won with i24A and i24R.

The ultimate goal of WithNetworks is to grow into a comprehensive information and communication technology (ICT) security service provider. By adding an endpoint solution to the existing security infrastructure business and security control service, synergy is increased. “We have provided security control services for many years and have a nationwide network such as maintenance and business infrastructure,” said CEO Koh.



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