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KT, Best Enterprise Partner Award for the first half of the year

KT awarded an excellent partner in the enterprise sector.

At the awards ceremony, which was held both online and offline, KT monocommunications, NS1soft, Woowoo Telecom, WithNetworks, Contents Bridge, Korea Cloud, NetKTI, Daeati, Shipley Korea, WithIS, Weaver Systems, Kit2Way, CTG 13 companies were selected and awarded as excellent partners.

In addition to the awards ceremony, KT announced the 'B2B business alliance/cooperation and shared growth direction', △constantly discovering partners with ripple effects to develop new customer-oriented DX services and expand channels △secured partnership continuity through strategic alliances such as joint ventures and equity investments, etc. Strategies for strengthening cooperation were shared.

Sujeong Shin, head of KT's enterprise division (vice president), said, "In the B2B business where DX innovation is accelerating, cooperation between KT and its partners is necessary.



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