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​Security orchestration automation and response

You can systematically manage the threat response process and intrusion response processing status through automation and integrated control system through FortiSOAR's intelligent playbook.

SOAR expert, Withnetworks! 

Withnetworks has successfully built FortiSOAR for the first time in Korea with the largest game customer and the 1st financial customer in Korea.

Withnetworks has configured an integrated customized automation framework optimized for the customer's complex security environment by Withnetworks' professional technology and service know-how on the SOAR platform accumulated through these experiences and dramatically improved the productivity of the SOC team.



Measure threat management level, and derive automatic analysis and management index


Provide automated countermeasures, incident triage, and real-time recovery updates


​Reduce the time required for security measures from hours to seconds by fast response speed and easy attack prevention


Main Functions

Role-Based Incident Management

  • Manage sensitive data according to SOC policies and guidelines​

  • Apply automated filtering and customizing through alerts and incident-manageable filters

  • Apply dynamic actions and countermeasures toward alerts and incidents

  • Correlate threat data in an intuitive user interface

  • Predict multiple fields such as severity, asset, user, etc.

  • Identify events such as similar alerts, common threats, and entity-related duplicates by grouping and linking fields

​Role-Based Dashboard and Report

  • Provides the function for measuring, tracking, and analyzing the SOC performance with measurable metrics

  • Optimize time and resources with an intuitive drag-and-drop visual layout builder

  • Able to develop detailed views and data models through comprehensive graphs and performance indicators

  • Provide industry standard reports on Incident Closing, Incident Summary, Incident Progress, IOC Summary, and more

  • Track metrics such as MTTR, MTTD, automation ROI, and other SOC performance metrics


  • Rigidly Distributed Multi-Tenant

  • Decentralized and scalable architecture with resilience and stability

  • Simple handling of customers' unique environments and products through remote execution of automated workflows for specific tenants

  • Create per-tenant alerts, incident views, reports, dashboards, and filter views

Visual Playbook Designer

  • Design, debug, manage, and utilize a playbook for the SOC team's efficiency through Visual Playbook Designer

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface

  • Provide 300+ workflow integrations, 3,000+ automated tasks

  • Provide comprehensive formula library, simulation, and reference for easy development

  • Simplify solution support function for analysts to manage, regulate and comply with vulnerability and risk

Introduction Effect

Fortinet Security Fabric

As an expert partner of Fortinet, Withnetworks works together with Fortinet's security fabric.
Through the solution of Withnetworks information protection integration platform, we provide information protection integrated security technology consulting and implementation.


Withnetworks has industry-leading professional knowledge and experience in Fortinet security matrix including FortiSOAR,
we consult and build the best network security system that is right for the customer.

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