Security Monitoring & Control Service

Security Monitoring & Control Service?

Enable customer to focus on core competencies, and professional security vendors provide the appropriate personnel, process technology and expertise to manage and respond to all systems that need to be monitored in real time in order to prevent damage to systems and network resources from information protection policy violations or intrusions.

  • Operation & management of the established
    security control system

  • Enterprise-wide security system trust operation
    & operation agency

  • 365/24/7 security monitoring & control

  • Real-time monitoring & analysis

  • Monitoring & responding to failures & attacks

  • Response & analysis of attack detection

  • Security system countermeasure & establish

  • Vulnerability notification

  • Monthly operational report

  • Mailing security technical information

  • Collecting security trend and forward

  • Manager training support & user training

  • Logs, system configuration, security solution
    settings backup & manage

Security Control Center

KT Security Control System Organization – KTICC

olleh KT Managed Security Center

[24X365 Security Control Service]

  • Operation and management service for the
    established security control system

  • Consigned operation service of the company system

  • 24X7X365 Security Control Monitoring

  • Real time monitoring and analysis

  • Monitoring and responding to failures and intrusion

  • Correspondence and analysis of detected intrusion

[Security Supervisory Service]

  • Script insertion monitoring

  • Web response speed, forgery detection

  • Security Trend, security advisory information

Customer Control System Construction (IDC, Data Control Center, etc.)

Customer Support

Customers communicate with Control Center via SOC (Web), E-mail, phone